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What doesn't kill you DEFINITELY makes you stronger

Little by Little

on March 18, 2015

I haven’t blogged for a while as I haven’t been very well, I have been having issues with my stomach since January and unfortunately for the last couple of weeks it has been a real struggle. Which meant blogging went out the window. Which is a shame because I really do enjoy it and the response I have had about my last posts have been very heart warming and very appreciated, Since admitting the issues I have had with my health, my depression and self image I finally feel comfortable to be me and say what I want too. I have also been making more of an conscious effort with my appearance and what I am wearing which has already had an amazing effect on how I am feeling about myself.

Unfortunately, with how my health has been the last couple of months things have become to slide, my depression was bringing me down and I seem to have been in an awful cycle of work-home-bed-work-home-bed. I wasn’t looking after myself or my home.

I am not proud of what I am about to show you, but to truly understand what it is like to be living with illness and depression, I have to be honest.  The picture below is of my bedroom. I couldn’t move there were bags, clothes, Christmas presents and rubbish everywhere. You can even see at the corner of the picture my Wedding Veil.


I had no energy to do anything but sleep, eat and repeat and I had enough. A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday when I didn’t feel too bad, I started tidying, sorting and organising. It took over 10 hours but our room went from above to this-


I sorted out the floor, organised the chest of drawers and even went through my clothes and wardrobe.

I had got into the awful cycle of having clothes hanging up that I could no longer wear, they were too short, too small, too old or falling apart and I spent every morning just trying to find anything that would fit me.

I am in the lovely position to say that every piece of clothing in my wardrobe fits me, it is such a small stupid thing but makes the world of difference to me and how I feel about myself.

In the end there were 10 bags to be thrown away, 4 recycling bags, 4 bags full of clothes to be sent to charity. One bag of clothes for my little sister and 2 bags of clothes to be thrown away.


Lots and lots of bags


And it is still tidy, I have become obsessed with organising my clothes and putting things away which makes a nice change. I had to go into hospital on Monday for a procedure to help my stomach and when I came back my hubby was helping me empty my bag. In my medicated state I was being very bossy and telling him exactly where I wanted him to put my clothes and personal items I had taken with me. Good job he loves me 🙂

Little by Little I am pushing forward and making an effort to get better. Rome wasn’t built in a day but it looked beautiful in the end.


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