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An open letter to Luke Donovan 

on March 19, 2015

I’m writing this letter, because I am angry.

I am a plus size woman and one that you would class as ‘very obese’ and you saying

“surely we should realize that this is an unhealthy weight for a person and instead of being like she looks great, what we should really say is that this may not be the best for her and encourage her to lose some weight?”

Is offensive, demoralising, dangerous and outdated view. 

Believe me that most size 22+ woman are aware that we need to lose weight, for some people this is easy however for others it is not. However it is not for you or anyone else to tell us. It is our choice. If a woman is healthy and happy and is size 22+ good for her and if she doesn’t want to lose weight that is her choice!

Personally I would love to lose weight and get healthier however my health is poor and my doctors have told me not to try to lose weight at the moment  because it is putting too much stress on myself.

It is because of words like yours, that I’ve  hated myself and felt that I didn’t deserve to be loved or to be liked for most of my life. Since starting my blog I’ve improved, I’m happier and stronger and starting to love myself. I’ve also seen how kind and gracious people can be.

So don’t take that away from us. I am plus size and I am obese. I know that, we know that. So stop!

So for anyone reading this please don’t start tell overweight people they need to lose weight, it is not your place. Believe me we already know! Be nice, say we look good. Be kind human beings. There is enough negativity out there with out adding more in the world.

And to Luke. I know you mean well and you want to start an open conversation but please don’t. Educate yourself, read the plus size blogs that are out there, realise that we are all trying in our own way.

If you see an overweight person in the street don’t judge them, don’t think they are lazy or eat too much. Be understanding and realise there is more than meets the eye.

Vicki x

If you would like to read Luke’s post in full, Here is a link to his original post –


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