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Richard the 3rd was found in a car park

on March 22, 2015

This is going to be a slightly different post today.

As most people know, today starts the journey of Richard III being reburied. I am highly excited about this and as I live in Leicester, I planned to go and see the procession however as I am still unwell after my procedure last week, I will be watching it on TV.

I am a royalist and have always been interested in our past monarchs.

In 2012, we were made aware that a skeleton has been found in a car park in Leicester City Centre. At the time I thought nothing of it, because what are the chances of it actually being Richard III.

A year later thanks to my love of Max Irons I started watching The White Queen.

I loved the show, and the gorgeous Max Irons. It showed a different side of the story of Richard III and what occurred all those years ago. Admittedly it was a TV show however I became obsessed with the story and the history and wanted to learn more .

Fabulous television Show

I read all the books and started researching more into the monarch and the war of the roses.

Fabulous books written by Philippa Gregory

In the height of my obsession, it was announced that the skeleton was Richard III

It is insane! A King was in a car park! Due to my job I’ve been luckily enough to see the trench he was found, to see it was eerie. He laid there for hundreds of years and was found underneath parked cars. I actually know people who used that car park spot. To me this seems unfathomable. It doesn’t seem real.

I watched the television show about finding Richard III on channel 4. I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2012 and it was amazing seeing the work they completed to find and prove that the skeleton was the remains of Richard III.

Richard III

We are all apart of a little bit of history

It is unknown who this man really was, we have been shown a villain and a victim of his circumstances. However he was a King and it is exciting to see these events unfold.


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