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The Man in the Park

on March 5, 2016



On Tuesday I had a review at my doctors. My doctors is based at the edge of Victoria Park which is located next to my old University, University of Leicester.

Like usual I was running late, not feeling very well and wanted to be anywhere but there.

Had my review, given more medication, was signed off and told to come back in two weeks time. I left feeling fed up, tired and really low about myself and my condition. I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on and was stressing about having to tell work that I am still signed off. Generally I was feeling really let down in myself.

I called my taxi and started walking towards the exit, this is when I noticed a man in a wheelchair, he wasn’t moving, he was looking around and looked so cold and confused. I also saw five other people walk right past him and pretend that he wasn’t there -Which I think is bloody appalling.

Once I got near to him, I asked him if he was OK. What I wasn’t expecting was how much his answer would affect me.

He told me he was fine and that he was on the way to the doctors for an appointment. However he had left his house early so he could enjoy being outside. He told me that he had been in hospital for 5 weeks and been discharged to temporary housing across the road from the park. He spoke to me about how beautiful the park was and how horrible winter had been and he was enjoying the sunshine.

I didn’t see it this way, I just decided that it was a miserable grey day and seeing the park through this man’s eyes completely changed my mind. This conversation made realise that I need to do the following more often.

stop look listen

I was so in my own head, I wasn’t living in the moment. With my illness, I am the first one to admit I go negative very quickly. However speaking to this gentlemen snapped me out of it and made me realise I really should appreciate the things I do have and not go negative straight away.

When I looked around the park, I saw how green it was, that even though the sky was grey there was sunshine shifting through. Without our conversation, I would of just thought how rubbish the day had been.

Unfortunately my taxi arrived so I had to leave. But this lovely man thanked me for speaking to him and shook my hand. I saw him leave to go to the doctors so I knew he was going to be OK.

Such a small thing to happen to me this week, however it has definitely stuck with me.



I have loved this saying for so long, I actually have it written on a piece of paper which I have put next to my bed to remind me. Need to pay more attention in the moment and stop worrying so much over the future.




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