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New Look Curve

on May 30, 2016

I’ve been back in Birmingham this weekend celebrating my bestie’s 30th Birthday.
We had a wonderful Spa Break at the Windmill Village Hotel and then came back to hers to go for a meal with her family and friends.

While on the spa break, I realised that I hadn’t bought anything to wear for the evening meal. Which lead to a very quick dash to the New Look in Birmingham to try and find something to wear.

As a plus size girl, I have been shopping in the New Look Inspire range for years and I have managed to find some lovely clothes. Recently New Look have had a re-brand and their plus size range is now called Curve.

I usually shop online, so it was fun to go shopping with my bestie and have a look at the new range.

Top One 

Bardot top- £12.99

I really liked this top but it was way too big on me. Due to training for the Race for Life I have lost a bit of weight and have been toning up. I definitely saw the small differences in my body while trying on theses tops.

Top Two

Blue Wrap Sleeveless Top- £12.99 

I wasn’t that fussed with this top as I thought it was way to plain for my friend’s birthday meal. However after looking at this picture again, I am really loving this top. It gives me a lovely shape, fabulous colour and would be brilliant for work. Might have to pop into New look after work this week to see if the still have it in stock.

Top Three 

Lattice Back Top – £14.99

I was convinced this would be the top I would wear for the meal. I loved the pattern and the lattice back. But it really didn’t suit me, the pattern made my boobs look flat- which they definitely aren’t and it really didn’t sit well over my waist and stomach. It’s a shame as it looked so lovely on the hanger but sometimes that just happens.

Top One – again 

With the other tops really not being suitable, I went back to the first Bardot top but got the size smaller. AND I LOVED IT! So flattering and looked so fab on. This will definitely be a main stable of my summer wardrobe.

Final look 

So here it is, my lovely new top. With some serious posing in the  sun 😎

Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend and thank you for reading 😘



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