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Diary of a Chronic Illness 

on July 13, 2016

A blogger I really respect Georgina Grogan ( @GeorginaGrogan_)  is doing a series on chronic pain to link with Chronic Pain Awareness Week. With how poorly I have been with my illness, it’s been brilliant seeing chronic pain being discussed and being able to see that I am not alone in my battle.
From reading her posts and other blogger’s posts which have been published, it has inspired me to write this diary for the day.

You will see what it is like to live with a chronic illness and how this affects me on a daily basis.

Tuesday 12th July 2016 

8.30am – It’s been 2 days since I completed the Race for Life and my body is hurting more than ever.

Husband wakes me up with a kiss and tells me he is off to work.

I lie in bed for a bit and then need to go to the toilet.

9.10am – finally off the toilet and my stomach is giving me hell. In a lot of pain but can’t take painkillers as I need to go downstairs to eat something first. Hurts too much to walk at the moment. Snuggle back into bed and go on twitter. Zoella has a new video so I put that on to distract myself.

9.30am – my phone keeps buzzing and I don’t know why, once the video stops. I look and see that I’ve been mentioned by another blogger @lottie_lamour in a post about coping with chronic pain. Makes me smiles and I get the idea about writing this post.

9.38am – can’t cope with the pain anymore so I start taking my medication so I can eat. I take a Lansoprazole tablet, I then have to wait 15mins until I can take my Alverine Citrate tablet. Once I’ve taken that tablet I have a 20 minutes wait til I can eat. Which means it will be at least another 40 minutes until I can take painkillers.

9.45am – still trying to distract myself of the pain so I’ve put Netflix on my laptop and I’ve put The Big Bang Theory on.

10.20am- pre food medications are taken and I slowly start getting ready to go downstairs, my legs are killing me, I feel like I need the toilet and I’m knackered.

Start walking down the stairs, my knees click with every step.

Look in the cupboard and it’s empty and there is nothing in the fridge. Was going to do an online food shop yesterday but didn’t as was suppose to be going to the dentist so thought I’d do a shop after. Neither feel appealing at the moment.

10.30am- decided on beans on toast as I have half a loaf left. Really hope it doesn’t set of my stomach.

We have no clean plates, cups or knife and forks. I love my husband dearly but he is not domesticated. If I don’t ask him to do something, it doesn’t get done. If I am feeling well, the house is manageable however if I am sick it is a mess.

There is a bag of laundry on the floor and a pile of washing up.

As I am so tall, I struggle to wash up standing up as it hurts my back. So for the last couple of months I’ve left a dining room chair in the kitchen. I sit on the chair put a load of laundry in and start washing up. I feel about 90! 30 year olds shouldn’t have to deal with this crap! Thanks body!

I’m still in agony as I’ve had no painkillers but need to do this if I want to eat! I actually find washing up quite relaxing and get through the plates quite quickly.

Put my beans in a cup and put them in the microwave. Once my toast is cooked, I take my breakfast into the living room.  I make sure the remote control, my drink and my painkillers are close to me as I really don’t have the strength to get up again for a bit.

10.55am – the beans are cold 😠

Really can’t be arsed to get up and heat them up again, I just want my painkillers. So I eat my luke warm breakfast.

11am – painkiller time!

After an hour and a half I finally take some painkillers. 2 30/500 Co-Codomal and 2 tablets of Buscopan.

Put an episode of Forever on the TV and realise I am going to have to cancel my dentist appointment (again!) as there is no way I’m going to get to town in time for my 11.45am appointment.

11.05am -Call the Dentist, I am in luck. Someone else had cancelled an appointment this afternoon and they can fit me in at 3.20pm! I am relived as this appointment was first booked in April and due to my illness and the dentist being sick it has been cancelled a lot!

11.30am – lying on the sofa in a heap, not planning on moving for a while.

12.06pm- washing machine has stopped, need to go and put it on to spin. Been speaking to my sister in law over Facebook messenger about what to get our niece for her b’day in 2 weeks and also need to start getting ready to go to the dentist. I watch one more episode of Forever instead.

12.45pm – finally put the washing on spin and then head upstairs to go to the toilet. Legs still hurting like hell but at least painkillers help.

13.22pm – totally forgot to set a timer for my next lot of painkillers, I remember what time I took them earlier so set it for an hour and 45 mins.

Finish another episode of forever and put on another, this show is addictive and Ioan Grruffed is gorgeous.

13.40pm- walk into the kitchen, sit on the chair, take the laundry out put a new load in.

Take the bag of wet clothes into the dining room. Empty the clothes horse onto the dining room table (it is ridiculous how many clothes are on there)

I’m in pain and tired so I sit on my desk chair and transfer the wet clothes from the bag and put them to dry on the rack.

Go back into the living room, grab a drink and sit back on the sofa. I’m shattered. It’s not even 2pm yet.

3pm – this always happens.

Stomach kicked off, had a wash, got dressed, then had to rest due to my STUPID stomach.

Realised it is 2.50pm and my dentist appointment is in 30 mins!

Gotta call a taxi, write a shopping and to do list for while I’m out.

Also need to Sort out Simply Be order that needs to be sent back. Realise the free post label is missing. Haven’t got time to try and sort it out.

Sit down, pain killer alarm goes off.

Call three different taxi firms finally get through to one, which of course is the most expensive one.

Take Painkillers, my antidepressants, vitamin D and loperamide tablets.

I collapse in a heap and wait for my taxi to arrive.

Start to Stress that I’m going to miss my appointment.

Need to Charge my phone as it is down to 30% battery.

Promise myself to be more organised in the future—>

4pm- dentist appointment is done. Check up went well but need a filling which is annoying. Was in a lot of pain during the appointment and actually started crying when I was told I needed a filling. Not a clue why, just find that sometimes when I’m in a lot of pain I become really emotional.

4.35pm – I walked into town to get some food and buy our niece’s birthday present. I go really light headed in Marks and Spencer’s and realise I haven’t eaten anything since 11am. I sit in the men’s shoes department and eat a sandwich I bought in boots earlier. It’s not very nice but at least it’s food.

5.15pm- so far I’ve been to the works, Boots, M+S, Card Factory and Primark. I’ve just done our food shop from Sainsburies and I’m waiting for a taxi to arrive to take me home. I’m tired, I hurt and I’m absolutely shattered. So happy I found a chair to sit on.

5.45pm- finally in a taxi but we are stuck in traffic and I am getting really car sick. I actually feel like I’m going to throw up. I keep going light headed and I just feel awful.

Get home, bring the stuff in and sit on the sofa for a bit. Have a drink and wait for my head to stop spinning.

Take the food into the kitchen, have a glass of apple juice. Sitting on the chair I put away the Fresh and frozen food but leave the rest to put away later. Apple juice isn’t working so I have a glass of my husband’s Pespi and eat starbursts. Lie on the sofa and it takes about about an hour to feel better. My body is destroyed!

7pm – alarm goes off for painkillers and food tablets.

Because I have been out today, I haven’t taken my BAM medication yet. Need to wait an hour til I can take it. I will then have to wait 4 hours to take my second dose. It’s going to be a late night.

8.20pm – finally taken my questran and been chatting to the hubby since he got home. Feeling more rested and just watching television. Decided to write a blog post about the items I brought today, mostly as I love my new bag!!!

Had a lovely steak dinner and now resting up and continuing my Forever Marathon.

9.20pm – Finished writing, editing and uploaded my post about my little shopping spree today. Feeling really tired and after I finish this episode of Forever, I’m going to head to bed.

10.05pm – I’m in bed – YAY! It’s been a very long day. 

10.15pm – the husband has brought up all the clothes that have been piling up on the dining room table (after I put them in a big ikea bag) and then he started to hang up the clothes.:. Pause for dramatic effect… HE HUNG UP CLOTHES! 😱! Who is he and what has he done with my husband 😂😂😂 I hung up my clothes on hangers and he then put them on my clothes rails for me. Nice that another job had been done and I didn’t have to do it. 

11pm – I’m in bed and watching The Big Bang Theory. I’ve still got an hour and a half until I can take my last medication for the day. Getting sleepy.

12pm- Still waiting to take my last medication so I’m still watching Big Bang Theory. I’ve updated my Filofax, written up my happiness planner and budgeted mine and Phil’s finances for next month. 

1.03am- medication finally taken and I am so ready to go to sleep. 
I hope you enjoyed my post. I enjoyed writing it and hopefully it will help show what it is like to live with a chronic illness and chronic pain.

Thanks for reading. 



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