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August Favourites

on September 8, 2016

Happy September all, however before we start to celebrate the kids being back at school, Poldark being on the Telly again (😍 Aidan Turner 😍) and I personally love September as it is my birthday!!! 

It’s time to look back, reflect and tell you about my favourite things from August. 

Footloose & Sister Act 

Twice this month I have been lucky enough to go and see a musical at Leicester Curve Theatre.

At the start of August,  l went to see Sister Act with my lovely friend Lainy 

The musical starred X Factor’s Alexanda Burke and the adorable Jon Robyns. Similar to the Whoopi Goldberg film it shows the story of lounge singer Delores go into Witness Protection after witnessing a murder. 

I really enjoyed the show and Alexandra’s voice was beautiful. 

I also got to finally wear my gorgeous Simple Be Jameel Jamil Red Dottie Dress. I adore this dress but I do wish the sleeves were 3/4 length. 

The second musical I went to see in August was Footloose. 

I love musicals and footloose is on of my favourites. As most of my friends can attest of Footloose comes on during a night out I will be the first one on the dance floor cutloosing! 

I’ve always wanted to see the stage show and my very lovely husband got me tickets to see the show as an early birthday present! 

I admit, the show started badly and they messed up the first song, however they got their act together really quickly and we really enjoyed the rest of the production. Very happy that I got to see it! 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 

I am a potter fanatic – I have read all the books, seen all the films, visited the Harry Potter Experience 3 times – bloody love that place. 
However I was really late to get excited about the Harry Potter play. I didn’t see the appeal and I didn’t get why people were getting excited about the play being released. 

And then it hit me like a ton of bludgers! I read reviews of the play, I saw adverts for the play and got so sucked into it all again. It was like being that 13 year old girl again reading the first book.

So of course – I bought the play! 

It is just fabulous! I know a lot of people have complained about it being a screenplay but after a couple of pages I found it just as easy to read. I’m keeping the secrets so there will be no spoilers from me. Just read it! πŸ’ž

I am also very lucky as my fabulous husband queried for 10 hours! And got got me tickets to see the play next year CAN NOT WAIT 😍😍😍

Crazy Ex Girlfriend 

This was suppose to be in my July Favourites but I was stupid and didn’t include it but this has been one of my favourite shows this year and had to be included in my favourites. 

It stars the fabulous Rachel Bloom who plays Rebecca Bunch a stressed New Yorker Lawyer who after running into an old boyfriend – Josh Chan. leaves New York and follows him to West Covina, California.  And did I mention this was a musical? 

Currently on Netflixs you will not regret watching this show!

6 months back at work 

This month I celebrated being back at work for 6 months! It is insane to think how far I have come.

After being so sick and pretty much bed bound for so long, I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I am struggling with my health at the moment but I know I will keep getting stronger. 

Just got to keep remembering one day at a time and make sure I keep looking after myself.

Positive Feedback 

 I am a little fish in a very big pond, I run a very small blog and very often I feel unheard and wonder why I am putting so much effort into something that in the grand scheme of things has very little to offer. 

However, I enjoy writing and running my blog and the hope is that if someone out there is plus size and feeling crap about themselves or has a chronic illness and feels the way I do very often they will know they aren’t alone. 

This month I had a lovely comment which really made me feel like I am doing something good and right. I am a fighter and with that I try to be as positive as possible. So it’s nice to see that it shows in my writing. 

One of my Motos that has helped me get through the last 18 months has been “never give up, never surrounder.” And I think this abstract from the comment I received shows that. 

“the thing I love the most about your blog is that whatever how many bad times you went through, your positive side always takes over.”

So there are my August Favourites! 
       As always thanks for reading 



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