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Race for Life 💞

So I did it!

On Sunday I completed the Leicester Race for Life and I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve gone from being unable to walk long distances and having to use a wheelchair to walking a 5k in 4 months!

I struggled, I’m not going to lie. I nearly passed out at 3k, my sugar completely dropped and I struggled to focus my sight. It was really scary but I thought quickly and remembered that there was a sweet truck and I phoned my husband and he ran over to me with lots of marshmallows and milk bottles. After a rest, I was able to complete the rest of the walk with my husband and friend supporting me.

I will say though it was slightly worrying that I was sitting on the side of the course for a good 20 minutes and not one volunteer, first aider or organiser came to check on me. It’s a good job I wasn’t on my own and I had my friend and later on my husband supporting me.

However staying positive- I did it and I’m so grateful for my hubby and friend getting me through the last 2K.

I did this for Margaret and in her memory I’m proud to say I’ve raised over £300!

Here are some pictures from my day 💞💞💞



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Legally Blonde at The Curve Leicester 

You know you are onto a good thing, when you come out of a performance at the interval with your friend and both of you say at the same time ‘I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN!!!!’ 

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the masterpiece that is Legally Blonde- The Musical. 



I was a huge fan of the movie and when I found out it was being turned into a musical I knew I wanted to see it. However, very annoyingly, I have never had the chance.
So when I saw on Twitter that the Curve in Leicester were going to do  a Legally Blonde production, I bought tickets straight away! I didn’t even know who I was going to go with. I just knew that I wanted to go! 

Luckily for me my lovely friend Lainy wanted to come, actually she pretty much screamed down the phone to me when I asked her- lets just say she was excited to go. 

And did I mention we were front row???? 


If you have never seen the film Legally Blonde (side note- how have you not seen this film??) 

It is a story about a cute blonde Soritoty Girl called Elle Woods. She is convinced her boyfriend Warner is about to propose. However instead of getting a diamond, she gets dumped. 

Elle is devastated and Warner leaves to go to Harvard Law. This is when Elle decides that she is going to go to Harvard Law herself and win back her man, by showing him she can be serious too. 

In the Musical, which is running in Leicester until May 14th. Elle is protrayed by the ridiculously talented Lucie Jones who is a delight from start to finish. 

Ian Lesley joins her as Professor Callahan and Tupele Dorgu makes you fall in love with Paulette all over again, and can bend and snap with the best of them.

Jon Robyns plays the adorable  Emmett and we both left with a little crush 💞

With catchy songs that, 2 days later I still can’t get out of my head. I would definitely recommend going to see this brilliant production. 

I have decided not to go into much  detail about the musical itself. Due to the fact, I loved being surprised and not knowing what was going to happen. 

So grab your friends and head down to the Curve and see this wonderful show! You will not regret it.

And just so you know I have already booked to see it again with my sisters in a couple of weeks 💞

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The Man in the Park



On Tuesday I had a review at my doctors. My doctors is based at the edge of Victoria Park which is located next to my old University, University of Leicester.

Like usual I was running late, not feeling very well and wanted to be anywhere but there.

Had my review, given more medication, was signed off and told to come back in two weeks time. I left feeling fed up, tired and really low about myself and my condition. I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on and was stressing about having to tell work that I am still signed off. Generally I was feeling really let down in myself.

I called my taxi and started walking towards the exit, this is when I noticed a man in a wheelchair, he wasn’t moving, he was looking around and looked so cold and confused. I also saw five other people walk right past him and pretend that he wasn’t there -Which I think is bloody appalling.

Once I got near to him, I asked him if he was OK. What I wasn’t expecting was how much his answer would affect me.

He told me he was fine and that he was on the way to the doctors for an appointment. However he had left his house early so he could enjoy being outside. He told me that he had been in hospital for 5 weeks and been discharged to temporary housing across the road from the park. He spoke to me about how beautiful the park was and how horrible winter had been and he was enjoying the sunshine.

I didn’t see it this way, I just decided that it was a miserable grey day and seeing the park through this man’s eyes completely changed my mind. This conversation made realise that I need to do the following more often.

stop look listen

I was so in my own head, I wasn’t living in the moment. With my illness, I am the first one to admit I go negative very quickly. However speaking to this gentlemen snapped me out of it and made me realise I really should appreciate the things I do have and not go negative straight away.

When I looked around the park, I saw how green it was, that even though the sky was grey there was sunshine shifting through. Without our conversation, I would of just thought how rubbish the day had been.

Unfortunately my taxi arrived so I had to leave. But this lovely man thanked me for speaking to him and shook my hand. I saw him leave to go to the doctors so I knew he was going to be OK.

Such a small thing to happen to me this week, however it has definitely stuck with me.



I have loved this saying for so long, I actually have it written on a piece of paper which I have put next to my bed to remind me. Need to pay more attention in the moment and stop worrying so much over the future.



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Richard the 3rd was found in a car park

This is going to be a slightly different post today.

As most people know, today starts the journey of Richard III being reburied. I am highly excited about this and as I live in Leicester, I planned to go and see the procession however as I am still unwell after my procedure last week, I will be watching it on TV.

I am a royalist and have always been interested in our past monarchs.

In 2012, we were made aware that a skeleton has been found in a car park in Leicester City Centre. At the time I thought nothing of it, because what are the chances of it actually being Richard III.

A year later thanks to my love of Max Irons I started watching The White Queen.

I loved the show, and the gorgeous Max Irons. It showed a different side of the story of Richard III and what occurred all those years ago. Admittedly it was a TV show however I became obsessed with the story and the history and wanted to learn more .

Fabulous television Show

I read all the books and started researching more into the monarch and the war of the roses.

Fabulous books written by Philippa Gregory

In the height of my obsession, it was announced that the skeleton was Richard III

It is insane! A King was in a car park! Due to my job I’ve been luckily enough to see the trench he was found, to see it was eerie. He laid there for hundreds of years and was found underneath parked cars. I actually know people who used that car park spot. To me this seems unfathomable. It doesn’t seem real.

I watched the television show about finding Richard III on channel 4. I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2012 and it was amazing seeing the work they completed to find and prove that the skeleton was the remains of Richard III.

Richard III

We are all apart of a little bit of history

It is unknown who this man really was, we have been shown a villain and a victim of his circumstances. However he was a King and it is exciting to see these events unfold.

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