Basically this is me…

What doesn't kill you DEFINITELY makes you stronger

Happy Anniversary Husband! 

Two years ago today we said I do! 

It hasn’t been easy!  We have had better and for worse. We have had losses, changes and lots of hurt. 

We had money worries, health worries and lots of stress. 

But some how when we are together, it doesn’t matter and I know we will get through it. 

You will always be my biggest supporter and I will always be yours.

Happy Anniversary m’dear, I’m so grateful and lucky to have you by my side. 

Don’t ever stop making me laugh.

Nine years together, Two years of Marriage and we don’t hate each other (yet). 😉

So here to us gorgeous, let’s hope we always have a sparkle ✨✨✨

Vicki & Phil 

6th September 2014 

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